Best Ways To Bundle And Save On Extraction Equipment

Here at GrowLight Heaven, we are always bursting with ways to save more on your equipment needs. One of the popular ways our growers save is by bundling. 

Just like with many other things, if you bundle two types of extraction equipment together you can save even more.

The most common example of this is for the rosin guys who need freeze dryers, but they also need hash washing machines or rosin presses. These expenses can add up, which is why we are here to bring it down to as close to wholesale as possible for you. 

By bundling your pharmaceutical freeze dryer with a rosin press or a hash washing machine, you can save a TON. Just reach out today to find out! You can literally reach us in any way- give us a quick call, DM us on Instagram, use the the chat on the right hand side of this screen, email us, or even text us! We respond fast and we will always make sure you get the best service possible. 

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