LED Grow Lights- 600 Watts to 700 Watts

Whether you’re a hobbyist grower or you operate a large grow operation, you need the right lighting to keep your harvest thriving. At GrowLight Heaven, we offer an impressive range of 600 watts to 700 watts grow lights in a variety of system configurations, including everything from quantum boards to light bar fixtures and more! 

Along with our great selection of styles for every type of grower, our 600 watts to 700 watts LED grow light collection features some of the most trusted brands in horticultural lighting, including Gavita, Horticulture Lighting Group, ThinkGrow, Grower’s Choice, Spectre, Luxx Lighting, and so much more! If you want a small full spectrum LED grow light system for your home greenhouse, or you need a larger high-efficiency system for your commercial operation, we have what you need at everyday low prices. 

Shop GrowLight Heaven and enjoy free, discreet shipping on your 600 watts to 700 watts grow lights for your grow room! Order yours today!

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