Bar Style Fixtures

If you’re looking to maximize your yields with optimal lighting precision, targeted spectrum lighting, and consistent, energy-efficient results, then you need bar style fixture LED grow lights in your grow room. Not only are these lighting systems incredibly reliable and versatile, but they also come equipped with high-performance LED grow lights to keep your plants happy and healthy through every stage of growth — from vegetative to flowering!

Our collection of bar style fixture LED grow lights boasts some of the most trusted names in lighting, including Kind LED, ThinkGrow, Spectre, Grower’s Choice, Luxx Lighting, and so much more! Not only that, we offer something for every type of grower from the small-scale hobbyist grower to the large-scale commercial grower. 

If you’re ready to invest in industry-leading bar style grow lights, then shop GrowLight Heaven to find what you need, and enjoy competitive prices on your favorite lighting systems!

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