Commercial Indoor Lights

Looking for the best commercial grow lights online? You’ve come to the right place! GrowLight Heaven is proud to offer industry-leading Eye Hortilux commercial grow lights that are scientifically engineered and built for horticulture applications. 

Commercial indoor growers will absolutely love the reliability and efficiency of these indoor grow lamps, which keep harvests of all types happy, healthy, and thriving for better plant growth and higher yields. These systems provide versatile lighting options ranging from 315-watt ceramic metal halide grow lamps to 1,000-watt double-ended high-pressure sodium lighting to support your harvest through every stage of growth and throughout many cycles.

Here at GrowLight Heaven, we’re committed to bringing growers the very best selection of lighting systems to increase your yields and keep your operating costs low, and Eye Hortilux commercial grow lights truly are one of the best options available for commercial growers. Shop GrowLight Heaven for all your lighting needs, and enjoy competitive prices and free shipping with every order!

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