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Ideal H20 provides reverse osmosis systems, dechlorination and prefilter systems, booster pumps, replacement filters, and more. Reverse osmosis is the leading water filtration system in the world, and with the right equipment, you can remove harmful chemicals from your water supply while saving water. In order for your water filtration system to work well, it needs the best filters. Here at GrowLight Heaven, we have an extensive supply of replacement sediment filters, carbon filters, and reverse osmosis membranes. 

Struggling with low water pressure? You can increase water pressure with booster pumps from Ideal H20. Increasing water pressure means that your water filtration system will operate more efficiently, helping you save money. Find compatible replacement filters for your Ideal H20 system at GrowLight Heaven. We stock all of the grow equipment you need to run your operation — all at a great price. Order now!

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