Luxx Lighting

When it comes to selecting the best lighting for your growing operation, you want to choose brands committed to industry-leading technology and innovative designs for optimal efficiency. Luxx Lighting offers some of the best grow lights available, and the best part is, these lights are made specifically for growers by growers. Regardless of the size of your grow operation, or the type of harvest you specialize in growing, Luxx Lighting delivers full-spectrum lighting and LED plant lights for greenhouses and gardens of all types.

Here at GrowLight Heaven, we’re committed to bringing you the best selection of indoor grow lights to help your harvest thrive. Our vast collection of Luxx Lighting plant lamp systems caters to every grower’s needs to maximize your harvest, encourage greater yields, and keep operating costs down with energy-efficient lighting options. From the Luxx 645 W LED Pro Grow Light (which comes in a 10-pack pallet) to the Luxx DE 1000W HPS 480V grow light and the Luxx NX-200 lighting amplifier, keep your commercial grow operation operating at its fullest potential! Order online and enjoy top-notch savings and free shipping!

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