When you’re looking for the best full-spectrum LED grow lights in the industry, you buy a NextLight.

NextLight fixtures produce a full-spectrum, bright white light that is more sun-like than even your traditional HPS. Using this spectrum, you may expect greater internodal spacing and higher quality overall. NextLight, contrary to popular perceptions of the past, continued to develop advancements in the use of intense white, full-spectrum LED, which is now the gold standard for grow lighting. When you choose to use the full spectrum lighting from NextLight, you’ll find that it  is simple to manage and offers the same qualities that plants enjoy from the natural sun without the drawbacks of high energy needs or excessive heat.

When you purchase NextLight grow lights from GrowLight Heaven, you are guaranteed to receive the best price, and we’ll always provide you with free, discreet shipping. Browse our selection of NextLight today.

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