Singe Bar Fixtures

If you want to maximize the health of your plants and enhance your production, single bar fixtures are a great option for hobbyist growers, horticulturalists, and commercial growers alike. With a wide-angle footprint and broad-spectrum lighting, single bar LED grow lights for indoor gardening are the most versatile on today's market.

We offer a number of the top brand bar light models, which will be perfect additions to any seedling or propagation application, as well as mixed applications. LED grow light bars have a high color rendering index (CRI), which means a more accurate representation of true hues, along with lower energy consumption rates. With single bar fixtures, you can reduce your electric bill while still enjoying better quality output from what would've been wasted heat until now.

If you’re ready to invest in industry-leading single bar grow lights and fixtures for your indoor grow operation, GrowLight Heaven has you covered! Shop our huge selection of LED plant lights, and enjoy the best prices and free shipping on your order.

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