Ushio double and single-ended lamps help you ensure that your plants are getting what they need from their light source at all times of the day or night. Their quality lamps and bulbs aren’t just a great deal, but they amplify the quality of your growing setup. They utilize unique lighting spectrums that encourage vegetative growth like the Ushio AMH 600 Opti Blue MH Conversion Lamps that offer output in the blue and red spectral range. Additionally, these Ushio double-ended lamps like the AHS-DE 1000W / Pro-Plus encourage photosynthesis efficiency for robust growth. They also have the added benefit of touting exceptionally long lamp lives while requiring minimal in the way of power even at their highest output levels. You really can’t go wrong with such high quality lamps at such low prices. What are you waiting for? Get yours now! We even offer free shipping on all of our products!

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