Veg Only Fixtures

If you’re looking for veg only fixtures that offer optimal efficiency, controllability, and high-performance output to enhance your yields, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re an indoor gardener, hobbyist grower, or you operate a commercial grow room, you want the best grow lights designed specifically for vegetative growth from seed to harvest. 

These veg-only fixtures feature high-efficiency, full spectrum LED lights that provide better canopy penetration and balanced light distribution to help your plants and veggies grow faster and healthier for greater yields, all while keeping your energy usage and energy costs down. Not only that, but we bring you the most trusted brand names in LED grow lights such as ThinkGrow, Horticulture Lighting Group, and Agro Lighting, which come with some of the best warranties on the market! 

GrowLight Heaven offers a vast selection of indoor light fixtures for your indoor gardening needs, so order yours online today and enjoy exceptional savings, along with fast, free shipping.

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