Inline Fan - Can Fan Max Fan 8 In 675 CFM 736825 (2 Pack)
Inline Fan - Can Fan Max Fan 8 In 675 CFM 736825 (2 Pack)
Inline Fan - Can Fan Max Fan 8 In 675 CFM 736825 (2 Pack)

Can Fan Max Fan 8 in 675 CFM 736825 (2 Pack)

Brand: Can Fan
Item Number: 736825

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The Can-Fan Max Fan is a more powerful and efficient fan that takes less energy to run.

The Can Fan Max Fan 8" inline duct fan saves energy through energy efficient design, which lowers lifetime cost of energy by 70 to 90%. The Max Fan 8 inch is quiet and highly aerodynamic. The Max Fan's optimized mixed flow is quieter than other fans of the same size.

Product Features

➤ Manufactured in Germany.

➤ Extremely energy efficient.

➤ Optimized mixed flow is quieter than comparable fans.

➤ Very high aerodynamic efficiency.

➤ Lower operational cost than traditional centrifugal fans.

➤ Easy installation.

➤ Available in sizes from 6″ – 28″

➤ Built-in 3-speed controller *not available on all models

➤ WARRANTY: Can-Fan offers its customers an amazing 5-years

➤ FREE SHIPPING:  On ALL Can-Fan orders at GrowLight Heaven‼️

Package Includes :

  1. 1 x Can Fan Max Fan 8 in 675 CFM 
  2. 1 x Power Cord
  3. 1 x Easy to install-mounting brackets 

Can-Fan Max-Fan

Max-Fans are in line mixed-flow fans capable of jaw-dropping performance at high static pressure through innovative design.

The Max-Fan is the first fan that has been developed with a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) program. CFDs are used for engineering aircraft propulsion engines. The perfectly designed 3D blades of the impeller and stator make this fan extremely powerful and energy efficient. Compared with other inline fans, the efficiency is 50%-100% higher. 6″-14″ come pre-wired with an 8 ft 120 V power cord. Can-Fan bring its innovation to market and sets a new standard for performance. The Max-Fan is a more powerful and efficient fan that takes less energy to run.

The Can Fan Max-Fans are available in a wide range of sizes

120 Volt

  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 6″ 334 CFM
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 8″ 667 CFM
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 8″ HO 932 CFM – 3 Speed
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 10″ 1019 CFM
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 12″ 1708 CFM
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 14″ 1700 CFM

240 Volt Volt

  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 10″ 240V 1100 CFM
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan HO “The Beast” 14″ 240V 3343 CFM
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 16″ 240V 2436 CFM
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 18″ 240V 3665 CFM
  • Can-Fan Max-Fan 20″ 240V 4688 CFM

The 240 Volt Max-Fans can bring energy efficiency to larger systems. These high-powered Max-Fans™ potentially save hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs using a lightweight aluminum housing. Comes with a 6 ft power cord (240 V).

All Can Fan Inline Fans are speed controllable. The 12" Max-Fan required the use of the variable transform controller. Only use a speed or motor control of the proper amperage to adjust the speed of the fans.

Determining your requirement - Exhaust vs Recirculating (Scrubbing)

You will need to determine whether or not you are exhausting (going from a contaminated environment to a sterile environment in only a single pass through the filter) or recirculating, aka “scrubbing” (exhausting the system back into the contaminated space).


In an exhaust setting the air only passes through the filter one time so it is imperative that we remove as close to 100% of the contaminate as possible with that one chance. This requires that the contaminant have a certain time in contact with the carbon in order to be fully adsorbed. Our filters are marked with both exhaust and recirculating ratings for just this reason. If you are using this system to exhaust, DO NOT exceed the exhaust rating for the filter, the more this rating is exceeded the less contaminant will be adsorbed because the two will not have enough contact timefor adsorption to fully take place.

Exhaust Diagram


In a recirculating system, the contact time is not such a crucial number as we are taking contaminated air, filtering it, and releasing it back into what is typically and constantly decontaminated environment. It is for this reason that it is not necessary to remove 100% of the contaminant in a single pass. Instead we double the exhaust rating which will reduce the contact time, the goal here is to still remove a large portion of the contaminant but to get raise the cycle rate of air through the filter above the rate of emission from the source. Now, instead of removing 99.9% of the contaminant in a single pass we are getting closer to 60% but we are getting twice as many cycles through the filter in the same amount of time and over time, reducing the overall build-up of contaminant in the environment.

Recirculating diagram

Sizing Your Space

Once you’ve determined the type of system you need, it’s time to size your space.

Typically for exhaust we recommend a simple length x width x height /3 calculation. This will give you the amount of air (cubic feet per minute, CFM) that you will need to move to properly ventilate your space allowing for a three-minute air exchange (all the air in the space is exchanged for fresh air every three minutes). This is the number you will match your filter to.

Room size: 10’x12’x8’ (960 cubic feet)
960 cubic feet / 3 minutes = 320CFM (Minimum recommended CFM to exchange the air every 3 minutes)

For recirculating systems, you can use the same length x width x height but divide by 1.5. This will give you a high cycle rate while still ensuring the removal of a majority of contaminant with each pass through the filter.



Product Specifications:



667 at 0wg



Max Watts:



1.5 @ 120v AC 60 Hz





Blade Design:

Mixed Flow






Questions and Answers:

Do Max-Fans use brushless motors?

Yes. The Can-Fans and Max-Fans use a brushless motor in their operation.

Are your fans Speed Controllable?

Yes. Both the Can-Fan and the Max-Fan line of fans are speed controllable, DO NOT SET THE SPEED OR MOTOR CONTROL BELOW 40% OPERATING SPEED TO AVOID OVERHEATING THE FAN. The Max-Fan 12" is not conventionally speed controlled, The Max-Fan 12" requires the Can-Trol Speed control. This control provides absolutely no motor hum when controlling the fan, it also gives you the option to control the voltage entering your fan, with an easy to use dial you can go from 1v to 130V with a turn of your hand, no matter what voltage you run, your fan will not hum!

Why did my fan shut off?


Can Filter 75

Can-Filters provides one of natures best odor control materials, activated carbon. Can CKV-4 (carbon type) is specially developed for this purpose. Rated at 600 CFM, flange not included.

Can Filter 75 Specifications

  • Max Recirculating (Scrubbing) CFM: 1200 cfm / 2000 m³h
  • Max Exhaust CFM: 600cfm / 1000 m³h
  • Recommended Min Airflow: 300 cfm / 500 m³h
  • Prefilter: Yes
  • Flange: 6", 8", 10", 12"
  • Max Operating Temp: 80ºC
  • Pressure drop at max cfm: 180pa/ .75"wg

  • Dimensions: (with pre-filter)

  • Outside Diameter: 42cm / 16.5"
  • Height: 75cm / 29.5"
  • Total Weight: 36kg / 79lbs.
  • Carbon Weight: 28kg / 61.6lbs.
  • Carbon Bed Depth: 6.5cm / 2.56"

  • How To Size Fan to Filter

    To match a Can Filter for your size growing environment, use this formula: Length x Width x Height divided by 3. This figure will give you the minimum recommended CFM for your fan. Then match your inline fan to the size filter you need by getting one that's within the range that the Can Filter can operate within.

    Example, 10 x 10 x 20 = 2000 Cu. Ft.
    2000 Cu. Ft./3 = 667 CFM

    667 CFM fan is the minimum fan size for this area. After establishing fan size, match it to appropriate sized filter, IE, Can 100.

    How Much CFM Loss Through A Carbon Filter?

    Every different size of filter provides a different resistance to each different size and style of fan you put on it, a filter at the maximum exhaust CFM rating has approximately 0.7 wg. pressure drop. All Fans will have a lower CFM at a higher pressure. For Example at .5 wg the 10" Max-Fan goes from 1019 CFM to 885 CFM, the 12" Max-Fan would go from 1708 CFM to 1595 CFM.

    How much CFM is lost through a 25ft. Section of ducting?

    Approximately 3%(straight hard cast) to 7%(flex ducting). 1% to 4% Additional loss for every 90° bend.

    Do I need to replace the pre-filter?

    It is a good idea to replace the pre-filter when they become dirty because the pre filter is blocking larger dirt and dust particles from getting into the pore structure of the carbon, a dirty pre filter increases the pressure, which will decrease the flow through the filter.

    Can my Filter be refilled?

    Technically the filter can be re-filled, but it is not a good idea to self-fill the filters at all, the reason for this is that Can-Filters uses an industrial shaker with timed intervals and a dust extraction system, to ensure a packed carbon bed. This eliminates the possibility of preferred air channels through the filter, because as we all know, air does not wait in line to go through a filter it finds the path of least resistance and crowds in. So if you tried packing the filter yourself, as soon as you got it as full as you think you could get it, attached a fan and turned it on, the fan would vibrate the carbon, and over time the carbon would settle and you would be left with air gaps all over the place presenting the air with channels to flow through the filter and possibly leave untreated. 



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    Mars Hydro 30 Days 15% 3 Years
    NextLight 30 Days 25% 5 Years
    Rosin Tech
    30 Days
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    Spectrum King 
    30 Days
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    Speedee Trim
    30 Days
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    30 Days
    3 Years
    ThinkGrow 30 Days 15% 5 Years
    90 Days
    5 Years
    TrimPro 30 Days No Restocking Fee, But Customer Pays Shipping 1 Year
    Uvonair 7 Days
    1 Year
    ANY BRAND NOT LISTED ABOVE 7 Days 15% Varies By Product


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