Full Spectrum Fixtures

Full-spectrum fixture LED grow lights offer superior results for growers of any size operation, and GrowLight Heaven is proud to offer some of the most trusted brands at everyday low prices. From Spectre to PHOTOBIO, these full-spectrum grow light systems offer maximum performance and efficiency to improve your crop yield while keeping your energy consumption — and operating costs — down.

Hobbyist growers and commercial horticulturalists alike will enjoy optimal lighting functionality, maximum control, balanced lighting, and steadfast warranties on their Spectre and PHOTOBIO full-spectrum fixtures. What’s more, along with encouraging better plant growth and saving energy, growers can enjoy additional benefits such as energy rebates to make your investment go further.

When it comes to full-spectrum fixture LED grow lights, you want to find a great selection of reliable and efficient systems at the best price available, and your friends at GrowLight Heaven have you covered! Order online to enjoy stellar savings, competitive bulk pricing, free shipping, and as always, friendly customer service!

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