The proper nutrients are essential for the healthy growth of your plants and to ensure the best yield. Different nutrients are required throughout the plant's life to encourage growth. You can find all of the essential horticultural nutrients you’ll need right here at GrowLight Heaven.

During each growing phase, plants must have adequate amounts of certain essential plant nutrients in order to thrive. A plant will not complete its life cycle stages correctly if it has too much or too little of one of the 14 required essential plant nutrients. When the plant is in the vegetative stage, before it blooms, and when stems and leaves are growing, nitrogen and iron are most useful. These essential nutrients may be used by growers to improve growth and assure that their plants are ready for flowering. The opposite is true when it comes to getting the plant to fruit or flower. We want to diminish those vegetative signals and begin distributing nutrients that will encourage the plant to focus on flower development.

Browse our selection of horticultural nutrients at GrowLight Heaven to ensure healthy plant growth in every stage.

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