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When To Replace the Bulbs in Your Grow Lights

When To Replace the Bulbs in Your Grow Lights
At GrowLight Heaven in Monsey, NY, you come first. Your needs are our needs, and we promise to hand you the best possible products at the best pric...

A Guide to UV Lights for Your Plants

There has been some confusion regarding the importance of UV light for plants. Some growers even wonder whether UV light has a place in plant culti...

Calculating How Many Grow Lights You Need for Your Space

For years, growers using high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights have been hesitant to switch to LED grow lights, even though LED lights use less electri...

How To Pick Between LED and HPS Grow Lights

LED and HPS grow lights are two of the indoor plant growing market's most popular types of grow lights. However, both have advantages and disadvant...

General Intro To Nutrients

General Introduction To Nutrients For Your Grow

Best Ways To Bundle And Save On Extraction Equipment

Check out the best ways to save when you bundle Freeze Dryers and Rosin Presses together.

Difference Between The Pharmaceutical and Home Freeze Dryer

Our grow experts sum up the main difference between the Home freeze dryer and the P freeze dryer from Harvest Right.