Athena is a leading manufacturer of fertilizer and other biologic products for the grow industry. Athena’s primary products are Biosis beneficials, Spidermite Control, Powdery Mildew Control, Blended nutrients, and the Pro powdered line. With Athena products from GrowLight Heaven, you can grow consistent, healthy plants at a lower price point than with other products. Ensure maximum growth and health products with balance fertilizers and more. 

Order different products for different growth stages of your plants. For example, the Athena Pro-Grow soluble vegetative fertilizer is best used during the vegetative growth stage. It’s specially formulated to meet the nutrition demands of established plants and will help ensure lush foliage. You can use this formula with Athena Pro Core for a complete recipe.

Shop Athena products and all of your grow equipment at GrowLight Heaven. We have the best prices for your grow operation!

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