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Blacksmith BioScience specializes in sustainable biofertilizers and biopesticides, helping to keep your crop free of diseases and pests. We’re proud to stock Blacksmith BioScience products here at GrowLight Heaven, including Armory™ — a high concentration of beneficial plant bacteria, Bacillus. Bacillus is scientifically proven to support plant growth, yield, and vigor by supporting and promoting bacteria. Your indoor grow operation is its own ecosystem, and Blacksmith BioScience provides you with the microorganisms needed to complement the system and aid your plants’ growth. 

Blacksmith BioScience also produces other potent microorganism blends, such as MegaPhos SP and Nitryx SP. You can further defend your plants with the mycoinsecticide NoFly and the biofungicide Tenet. Blacksmith BioScience products harness the tools of biology to support plant fertility. The microbial development company is continually creating innovative products that grows across the country use to maximize their yields. Order Blacksmith BioScience products today from GrowLight Heaven.

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