Looking for nutrients for your hydroponics grow operation? HydroDynamics is a trusted source for grow equipment for plant propagation, including plant nutrients and supplements for your indoor garden. HydroDyanmics International has been providing customers with the highest quality equipment since 1997, and this collection gives you everything you need to grow healthy and productive plants. 

Here at GrowLight Heaven, we stock everything from the HydroDynamics Ionic Grow 5 Gallon to HydroDynamics Clonex Clone Solution and more. HydroDynamics creates specifically formulated nutrient mixes that deliver the essential elements to the roots of your plants to maximize the potential for vigorous vegetative growth and flowers. HydroDynamics also provides specialized mixes for producing healthy clones to help expand your grow operation. 

GrowLight Heaven is your source for HydroDynamics products as well as all the grow equipment you need to grow your indoor garden. Ready to get started? Place your order today!

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