Jack Puck

Improve efficiency and ease of use when compressing plant extracts with a Jack Puck hydraulic rosin press. Jack Puck rosin press systems are renowned for their quality, simplicity, versatility, and durability. The heavy-duty design of these state-of-the-art rosin presses can completely transform the speed and efficiency when pressing plant extracts in your grow operation. Jack Puck hydraulic presses are easy to use and require minimal effort to perfectly press pollen extracts into round or square shapes in various sizes while removing every last bit of water from the plant extract for optimal quality. GrowLight Heaven proudly offers a variety of Jack Puck hydraulic press systems to fit the needs of any grow operation to improve productivity and the overall quality of your product.

From the Jack Pack Square 2-Ton Hydraulic Press to the Jack Puck Round 8-Ton Hydraulic Press, GrowLight Heaven has something for every grower! Order yours today and enjoy the best prices and fast, free shipping!

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