Speedee Trim

Looking for a quality, handheld trimmer? At GrowLight Heaven, you’ll find a selection of Speedee Trim trimmers designed to provide you with a superior experience. 

Speedee Trim has created a quality alternative for automated trimming. Unlike any of the other trimmers, Speedee Trim’s custom blade-tip angles allow you to get into tight spots on your plants and remove only what you need, leaving surrounding vegetation intact for a finished trim that is similar to scissors. In addition, the body of the blade may be used for volume trimming, which takes less time than with other automated trimmers of any price. The Speedee Trim has the versatility and multiple manicuring capabilities of no other automated trimmer on the market.

When you order Speedee Trim products from GrowLight Heaven, you’ll receive free and discreet shipping, as well as our best price guarantee. Browse our selection and order your hand trimmer today!

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