TotalGrow lights deliver the ultimate in horticultural lighting control. Custom-tailored light spectra and optics provide versatility and precision, efficiency and uniformity to exceed the demands of growers and plants. You can find a wide selection of TotalGrow LED grow lights at GrowLight Heaven.

TotalGrow is a line of innovative, high-efficiency grow lights manufactured by Venntis Technologies. Since its founding in 2012, Venntis has been researching and developing cutting-edge horticultural LED lighting technologies to meet the demands and needs of growers. We've conducted research, read studies, tested, argued, adjusted, retested, and repeated until we developed an ever-improving line of high-quality horticultural lamps.

At GrowLight Heaven, we proudly carry a wide range of LED grow lights from TotalGrow and back each product we sell with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Shop our selection from TotalGrow today and you’ll get our best price guarantee and free, discreet shipping.

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