Vostermans Ventilation is the premier developer and producer of axial fans for ventilation and circulation in the agricultural and industrial market. At GrowLight Heaven, we’re proud to offer Vostermans Ventilation products for your grow room needs.

At GrowLight, we know that your plants deserve the best equipment for a plentiful harvest. It doesn’t matter if you grow as a hobby or if you’re an experienced horticulturist — the axial fans and variable speed drive amps from Vostermans Ventilation that we have available will help keep the air flowing through your space. A good ventilation system reduces the chance of mold and other diseases from growing in your grow tent, and it can help protect your plans from obnoxious pests like spider mites and gnats.

With ventilation equipment by Vostermans, you can ensure that the temperature and humidity levels in your grow tent stay consistent and you’ll reap a plentiful harvest from healthy plants every time. Order your Vostermans Ventilation equipment when you shop GrowLight Heaven today.

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